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Washington, Dec 13, 2013 - Congressman Miller Supports Bipartisan Budget Agreement to Reduce Runaway Spending While Preserving Vital Programs

This week, I voted in favor of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 culminating weeks of hard work in both chambers. I am happy both sides could come together and reach a deal that moves our country’s fiscal future in the right direction. While far from perfect, the agreement will reduce the deficit and replace one time spending cuts with real reforms-- all without raising taxes on you, hardworking Inland Empire families. 

There is no doubt additional work remains in order to curb wasteful government spending, but I am confident, as we enter the New Year, we can capitalize on the progress made. Moving forward, I will continue to work toward reforms that reduce the deficit, balance the budget, and provide economic security for Inland Empire families.

More detailed information on the budget can be found HERE.

Congressman Miller Votes to Provide Additional Funding for Nation’s Military

This week, the House passed legislation to provide funding for our nation’s military for Fiscal Year 2014. Specifically, the bill provides $552.1 billion for national defense programs as well as $80.7 billion for continuing overseas operations. The measure restores funding for critical programs cut as a result of sequestration, while making common-sense reductions in other areas of the defense budget that will not impact our military’s readiness or effectiveness.

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