Congressman Miller Announces Progress in the Development of a Comprehensive National Freight Policy

Washington, DC, Oct 29, 2013 - Rep. Gary G. Miller (CA-31), a member of the Special Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation, today announced the release of the Panel’s final report and recommendations.
Congressman Miller was one of 11 Members of Congress appointed by House Transportation Committee Chairman Shuster to serve on the Panel. He is the only Republican member from California on the Panel. 

In announcing the Panel’s recommendations, Congressman Miller said: “Over the last six months, this Panel has worked tirelessly to identify opportunities to strengthen our economy through efficient freight movement and fully assess the challenges inherent in our freight transportation system.

“In our report, we have compiled a thorough list of recommendations. Most significant to the Inland Empire is the need to ensure that projects of national and regional significance receive sustainable and dedicated funding.”

The Panel traveled to six key freight corridors across the United States to examine issues related to freight mobility.  On May 30, 2013, the Panel held a field hearing in San Bernardino at the historic Santa Fe Depot to receive testimony about ways the freight challenges of Southern California impact the nation. 

Congressman Miller continued: “As we saw during the site visit and field hearing in San Bernardino, there are vital conduits for transporting goods to the rest of the Nation that are not well served by our nation’s current policy toward freight movement.  
“In the Southern California region, we expect to experience a three-fold increase in goods movement over the next two decades.  In the 31st Congressional district, there are two major east-west truck corridors, two Class I rail lines, abundant commercial and industrial land, and a major cargo hub.  But without a comprehensive freight movement policy, we will not be able to maximize the potential of these assets.
“A national freight policy will result in improved system efficiency, better-directed resources, and reforms that will help facilitate safe and effective freight movement. As a result, our economy will grow and well-paying jobs in the transportation, warehousing, construction, and logistics industries will be created.” 

The special Panel was organized in April 2013 to examine the current state of freight transportation in the United States and how improving freight transportation can strengthen the nation’s economy. 

Full text of the panel’s final report and recommendations can be found HERE.


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