House Votes to Hold IRS Accountable to Taxpayers

Washington, Aug 2, 2013 -

This week, the House adopted a number of measures to protect taxpayers by preventing abusive practices by federal agencies. Several of these bills are addressed directly at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which has been ensnarled in several major controversies from inappropriate targeting of organizations for questionable purposes to excessive spending on conferences.

Amid the revelations by agency officials that IRS employees have been targeting certain organizations seeking tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny for political reasons, the House passed H.R. 2565, which would allow the IRS to quickly terminate employees who take official actions for political purposes.  To add insult to injury, a recent report from the Treasury Department’s inspector general detailed instances of IRS overspending on a multi-million dollar conference for agency executives and managers. To prevent future lavish spending on such conferences with taxpayer funds, H.R. 2769 was adopted to impose a moratorium on IRS conferences until the recommendations of the inspector general report are implemented.

In addition, I supported H.R. 2768, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Act, which was adopted unanimously by the House to require that IRS employees act in accordance with a number of taxpayer rights including: the right to be informed; to be heard; to appeal; to pay no more tax than the correct amount of tax; to representation; and to a fair and just tax system. As your Representative, I will continue to use my voice and my vote in Congress to hold federal agencies accountable to the hard-working taxpayers they serve.

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