Congressman Miller Addresses New Jobs Report at San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce Breakfast
Miller: “San Bernardino County 10% Unemployment Unacceptable”

San Bernardino, Apr 5, 2013 - Today, Congressman Gary Miller was joined by close to 80 community and business leaders to discuss the new jobs report and economic prosperity in the Inland Empire. The event, hosted by the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce, featured Congressman Miller as their keynote speaker.

“I started my business in this district 40 years ago,” remarked Congressman Miller, “so I know that we can return to economic prosperity and job growth with a little cooperation back in Washington and some good old fashioned common sense.”
Prior to the meeting, the Department of Labor announced a jobs report containing a sharp reversal of the growth seen in the past two months. Last month, only 88,000 jobs were created down, from the 268,000 created in February of this year.

“The percentage of people in the workforce, 63.3 percent, is the lowest level in over 30 years,” noted Congressman Miller. “But most importantly, unemployment in San Bernardino County is still significantly higher than the rest of the nation. This is simply unacceptable.”

Congressman Miller concluded his remarks with an acknowledgement of the United States’ fall in global competitiveness and business friendliness. He noted that the U.S. is ranked 13th by the World Bank for ease in starting a business. In 2007, the U.S. was ranked 3rd.

“Government can’t create jobs. But it can sure kill jobs in our economy. It is vital that we promote the stability and openness of international markets so that the innovation of U.S. companies can thrive,” concluded Congressman Miller. “It is time to get government out of the way of innovation. American companies must have the ability to compete globally in order to grow their businesses and create jobs. This is how we can improve job opportunities for families struggling here in the 31st.”
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