Statement from Rep. Gary Miller on House FY 2014 Budget Resolution

Washington, Mar 21, 2013 -

Today, the House of Representatives adopted H. Con. Res. 25, to establish a budget for Fiscal Year 2014. Regarding today’s vote, Congressman Miller (CA-31) issued the following statement:

 “Over the past several months, I have had the privilege to speak with many of my constituents about the issues that most concern them. We all demand better schools and safer neighborhoods, but without a doubt unemployment in the Inland Empire remains the chief concern as families continue to struggle in this weak economy.  I have met with mothers, fathers, business owners, entrepreneurs, union workers, veterans, educators and other residents of the 31st who have all expressed the need for more opportunities and economic stability here in our region. The only way to get this done is with a fiscally responsible plan that will get our nation’s finances in order so that our economy can grow and create jobs.

The budget passed by the House today isn’t perfect. But it is certainly better than other proposals considered this week that would raise taxes on hard-working Inland Empire families and allow the government to continue to spend money it simply does not have – mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future. Asking middle and low income families and small businesses in San Bernardino County to pay more in taxes when they are struggling to make ends meet is the wrong solution.

While I have some serious concerns about the House budget, I supported it because it establishes important principles that will help put our country and the Inland Empire back on the path to economic prosperity and job growth: a budget that balances, preserves and protects Medicare for today’s retirees and future generations, and rejects tax increases that will stifle our economy and new job opportunities. While it is unlikely that this resolution will be passed in the Senate, I voted for it to give us a new blueprint for restoring economic growth and prosperity while considering the effects of future legislation on hard-working Americans.

The fact is our country has a long way to go to getting our fiscal house in order. To get our economy moving again and creating new jobs, I will continue to work to promote responsible policies that will address our mounting national debt while preserving essential programs that honors our promises to our nation’s veterans, retirees and future generations, keeps our neighborhoods safe, creates the best public schools in the world, maintains our vital infrastructure, and ensures that our vulnerable citizens in desperate need are cared for.”


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