President Obama Addresses House Republican Conference

Washington, Mar 15, 2013 - On Wednesday, President Obama addressed the House Republican Conference on a variety of issues, most importantly our nation’s fiscal and budgetary challenges. I was glad to see the President’s interest in speaking with us and I agree with him that we need a responsible plan that will get our fiscal house in order without harming the tepid economic recovery that is underway. Right now, the share of the national debt for each resident of San Bernardino County is over $52,000. Until we get spending under control and reduce the debt, hard-working families that are already making difficult choices to make ends meet will be faced with the prospect of higher taxes.

Until the Administration releases its budget– which is now two months late - it will be difficult for serious discussions on reducing our deficit to move forward.

I look forward to reviewing the President’s proposal to find areas we can agree on and will continue to work with all sides to find responsible solutions so that our economy in the Inland Empire and our nation can grow, create jobs, and relieve the burden of debt being placed on future generations.

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