House Votes to Preserve Successful Welfare Reform Provisions

Washington, Mar 15, 2013 - Our nation’s welfare programs are there to help families and individuals who have fallen on hard times. Unfortunately, the current economic climate and slow job growth have forced many in our community to turn to government assistance for help. It is important that help be provided to our nations moms, dads and all of our most vulnerable citizens while they get back on their feet.
In 1996, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law a sweeping reform of our nation’s welfare programs to ensure that those who need help receive it without encouraging long-term dependence on government. It was a bipartisan measure that has been tremendously successful in reducing poverty and getting Americans back to work.
However, last summer the Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance that would have allowed states to apply for waivers from requirements that states verify that a certain percentage of individuals receiving assistance are working, searching for work, enrolled in job training or vocational education programs, or engaging in other specific work activities. The state requirements have been an essential element to helping those in need while breaking the cycle of dependency on government assistance.
On Wednesday, I supported legislation passed by the House to preserve these important reforms. While it is essential that assistance continue to be available to help our most vulnerable citizens get back on their feet, the best thing to help struggling families is to get our economy growing and producing good-paying jobs. I will continue working to bring economic prosperity back to the Inland Empire. 
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