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Washington, Mar 15, 2013 -

House Votes to Preserve Successful Welfare Reform Provisions
Our nation’s welfare programs are there to help families and individuals who have fallen on hard times. Unfortunately, the current economic climate and slow job growth have forced many in our community to turn to government assistance for help. It is important that help be provided to our nations moms, dads and all of our most vulnerable citizens while they get back on their feet.
In 1996, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law a sweeping reform of our nation’s welfare programs to ensure that those who need help receive it without encouraging long-term dependence on government. It was a bipartisan measure that has been tremendously successful in reducing poverty and getting Americans back to work.
However, last summer the Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance that would have allowed states to apply for waivers from requirements that states verify that a certain percentage of individuals receiving assistance are working, searching for work, enrolled in job training or vocational education programs, or engaging in other specific work activities. The state requirements have been an essential element to helping those in need while breaking the cycle of dependency on government assistance.
On Wednesday, I supported legislation passed by the House to preserve these important reforms. While it is essential that assistance continue to be available to help our most vulnerable citizens get back on their feet, the best thing to help struggling families is to get our economy growing and producing good-paying jobs. I will continue working to bring economic prosperity back to the Inland Empire.
President Obama Addresses House Republican Conference
On Wednesday, President Obama addressed the House Republican Conference on a variety of issues, most importantly our nation’s fiscal and budgetary challenges. I was glad to see the President’s interest in speaking with us and I agree with him that we need a responsible plan that will get our fiscal house in order without harming the tepid economic recovery that is underway.  Right now, the share of the national debt for each resident of San Bernardino County is over $52,000. Until we get spending under control and reduce the debt, hard-working families that are already making difficult choices to make ends meet will be faced with the prospect of higher taxes.
Until the Administration releases its budget– which is now two months late - it will be difficult for serious discussions on reducing our deficit to move forward.

I look forward to reviewing the President’s proposal to find areas we can agree on and will continue to work with all sides to find responsible solutions so that our economy in the Inland Empire and our nation can grow, create jobs, and relieve the burden of debt being placed on future generations.
Rep. Miller Joins Veterans Jobs Caucus
The men and women of our armed forces put their lives on the line for our nation each and every day. Unfortunately, many veterans have difficulty finding employment once they leave the service.

It is important that those who have served to defend our country are able to put their skills to work and support their families when they transition to civilian life. This week, I joined the Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus to help bring awareness to the barriers that veterans face when seeking employment. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Caucus and in Congress as a whole to address the unacceptably high unemployment rate among veterans in San Bernardino County and the nation.
Rep. Miller Cosponsors Bill to Crackdown on Puppy Mills
As a longtime dog owner, it disturbs me to hear nightmare stories of inhumane treatment and poor living conditions that are occurring at large, unregulated commercial breeding kennels. Unfortunately, loopholes in current law allow commercial breeders to sell puppies and older dogs without any oversight to ensure that the animals are being properly treated and cared for. This week, I cosponsored H.R. 847, the Puppy Uniform Protection Statute (PUPS), which would require any breeder who sells or offers to sell more than fifty dogs annually to the public – including over the Internet – to be licensed and inspected. The bill would also require that dogs housed in commercial breeding facilities have appropriate space and daily exercise. I support this legislation because it will crack down on unscrupulous breeders who are putting profit ahead of animal welfare.
Norton Air Force Base Museum Opens
On Wednesday, the long-awaited Norton Air Force Base Museum and 63rd/445th Military Wing Memorial was officially dedicated and opened to the public. More than 200 people were in attendance for the momentous occasion, including many of the men and women who served and worked on the base. Additionally, members of the Leland Francis Norton family, a San Bernardino Army Air Corps Captain who was killed in WWII and for whom the base was named after, were present. I was unable to attend the event due to votes in Washington this week however representatives from my office provided a U.S. Flag flown over the U.S. Capitol on Veterans Day to the Museum.  I am pleased that this museum is now open so that current and future generations of San Bernardino County residents can learn about the history of Norton Air Force Base.
Internships Available in Rep. Miller’s Rancho Cucamonga Office
My office is currently accepting applications from high school and college students interested in a spring or summer internship at my District Office in Rancho Cucamonga.  A Congressional internship offers students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of the operations of the federal government, constituent services and intergovernmental relations.
Responsibilities include front desk reception, providing phone support, constituent services, processing mail, conducting research and working with the staff on special projects. Consideration will be given to reliable, motivated individuals with excellent written and verbal communication skills. A strong work ethic and ability to handle multiple tasks are essential qualities. For more information, please contact Suzette Swallow at the District Office at (909) 980-1492.

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