Statement from Rep. Gary Miller on House Passage of Continuing Resolution

Washington, Mar 6, 2013 -

Today the House passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) that extends funding for federal government operations through September 30, 2013, averting a costly and damaging government showdown.  Currently, the federal government is operating under a CR that expires on March 27, 2013.

Following today’s action by the House, Rep. Gary Miller issued the following statement:

“It is necessary that Congress take this action to avoid a government shutdown on March 27, which would greatly impact thousands of seniors, military families, veterans and taxpayers in the Inland Empire. Without this legislation, programs ranging from low-income senior housing projects to the rehabilitation programs for our wounded veterans would have been in jeopardy.  As we continue to debate the federal budget, this CR takes a government shutdown off the table and ensures the critical needs of our troops, veterans, and our nation's most vulnerable citizens are met.

While passage of this legislation was a necessary step, it does not replace the need for us to come together to solve our nation’s budget challenges in a responsible way.  Even with the passage of the CR, the federal government is still operating under the President's sequestration order, which cuts essential services while leaving in place billions of taxpayer dollars for unnecessary, duplicative or wasteful projects and programs. We must continue to work toward replacing the sequester with a budget as soon as possible, so that the devastating impacts to the economy are avoided.
I have voted twice to replace the sequester with common-sense spending reductions and reforms that will cut waste and save taxpayers billions of dollars without raising taxes on families and while preserving vital programs and services. I hope the Senate will move forward quickly on these measures.  Getting our nation on a fiscally sustainable path requires difficult choices to be made, but these choices are preferable to the across-the-board sequestration, which will only hinder economic growth and job creation.  The sequester is the wrong approach to getting our economy on a firm path to economic prosperity. In fact, it has the likely potential to do the opposite and we must continue to work to replace it as soon as possible.”

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