Congressman Miller Unveils Comprehensive Energy Bill

Washington, Jul 31, 2009 - Today, Congressman Miller unveiled the American Energy Production and Cost Reduction Act, a comprehensive energy bill that will reduce our nation’s costly dependence on foreign oil, boost our economy, and lower energy costs.  In order to make American-made energy more readily available, the legislation reduces regulatory burdens that delay advances in domestic energy production.  In addition, the bill ensures that all coastal waters off the United States are open for drilling and incentivizes states by sharing a portion of the revenue derived.  It also uses the earnings from offshore drilling to pay down our skyrocketing national debt.  Furthermore, the American Energy Production and Cost Reduction Act guarantees nuclear power will be a viable option for future generations and supports renewable energy tax incentives for wind, solar, biodiesel, and other forms of energy.  Additionally, it places Congress on record that it will not enact policies that will increase Americans’ energy bills, such as cap-and-tax legislation.  While Congressional Democrats and the Administration continue their efforts to raise taxes, grow both government and the deficit, and keep much of our nation’s valuable natural resources under lock and key, Congressman Miller’s bill fights for energy solutions that place the American people first.  By increasing the supply of American made energy, we can help drive down the cost of gas, lessen our dangerous dependence on foreign sources of oil, and stimulate our ailing economy. 

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