Legislative Issues

Budget and Taxes:  As a fiscal conservative, Congressman Miller is committed to reducing the tax burden on individuals, families, and businesses and establishing a solid foundation for continued economic growth.

California:  Congressman Miller is working to meet the unique set of needs and challenges facing America’s most populous state.

Congressional Spending Priorities: Congressman Miller believes that requested funds must invest in critical infrastructure and community development projects that serve Southern California residents and are identified needs by local community leaders and constituents.

Economy:  As our economy is currently facing historic and unprecedented challenges, Congressman Miller is working to establish a stable foundation for continued economic growth and American prosperity. 

Education:  Congressman Miller is committed to ensuring that Americans receive the education they need to succeed in the increasingly competitive twenty-first century.

Energy:  Congressman Miller is working in Congress to lower gas prices and produce a commonsense plan for America's energy future.

Health Care:  Congressman Miller strongly believes that we must control skyrocketing health premiums and ensure quality delivery by giving consumers more options, so they can choose the best health care for themselves and their families.

Homeland Security:  Congressman Miller is committed to ensuring the safety of our great nation by providing federal, state, and local law enforcement with the tools they need to keep the American people safe from harm.

Housing and Financial Services:  Congressman Miller believes that we must address America’s housing availability and affordability crisis by removing hurdles and needless regulations that keep homeownership out of reach for too many Americans.

National Defense:  Congressman Miller believes firmly that we must ensure our troops have all the resources they need to fight for the safety of our nation and return safely to its shores.

Transportation:  Congressman Miller is committed to ensuring California receives its fair share of federal transportation dollars to improve safety and alleviate congestion on area freeways and roads.

Water:  Congressman Miller is working to enhance Southern California’s water supply, making necessary infrastructure improvements that will help create billions of gallons of water per year.

Veterans:  Congressman Miller believes that we must continue to provide needed benefits to all those who have valiantly served our country in uniform and deliver on our promises and responsibilities to our nation’s heroes now and in the future.